Last year, Misbah Mogradia joined our social mobility programme.  Her dream is to become an auditor.  As part of our programme, Misbah gained invaluable practical experience during her work placement at Grant Thornton. In our latest student blog, she shares more about her placement, and how our grant to the Social Mobility Foundation is helping her to achieve her goals.

My Grant Thornton experience has exceeded my expectations, not only have I had a detailed insight into my dream career but I have also built professional connections that I am still in contact with and will be for many years to come. Also, essential skills for any professional workplace have been developed such as project management, delivering presentations and researching. I would not have been able to network efficiently if it wasn’t for the SMF holding a ‘Networking Workshop’ that included the appropriate body language and communication style needed to network with others. Through the SMF, I have also been invited to a ‘Young Women’s Event’ which I am extremely excited about. It is a cause which I am deeply passionate about and I am looking forward to being empowered by other strong women. My ambition is to become an auditor. To achieve this, I wish to apply for the KPMG Audit programme, as it not only provides a job in the firm itself but additionally offers an Accounting and Finance degree.”

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