Social Mobility

Social Mobility

Our goal is to make a practical difference to the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds - helping them to achieve their dreams. Since 2016, we've provided grants to social mobility charities, hosted women's leadership events and developed an employability programme. Find out more below. 

Social Mobility Foundation

The Foundation launched its flagship social mobility programme in 2016 - awarding a grant to the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF), a charity with over a decade of experience.  Through the generous support of our donors, an all female cohort of students - from areas with the lowest levels of social mobility in the UK - has gained the information, networks and practical experience they need to access the UK’s top universities and professions.

Unwritten Rules

Our employability programme - bridging the gap between school and work. Co-created by BWF and Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE, Managing Partner of Shire Solicitors. A two day workshop equipping 16-18 years old, with essential employability skills.  Students from low socio-economic backgrounds learn from inspirational speakers, and participate in a range of interactive sessions - all designed to enhance emotional and social skills, including communication, self-awareness, decision-making and self-assurance; and gain practical guidance: interview skills, cv preparation, networking, mock interviews and assessments.


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Unwritten Rules - Interviewer YBS Bradford

"It was a pleasure to meet them [students]. Each of them had some sort of nerves during the interview and nerves aren’t easily overcome - I’d like to think that they might manage to overcome them just a little bit better at their next interview because of the time we spent together today and if so, that’s a huge highlight!"

SMF, Bethany CityPress, Manchester

“I got to work on things for real clients and got an insight into what PR actually is. My supervisor and the office were really friendly and welcoming.” 

Unwritten Rules, Student Media Day Bradford

“I now feel extremely confident in applying for jobs and writing my cv. I learned the STAR method - so useful.”

Unwritten Rules, Student Media Day Bradford

“I learnt new key and vital information about how employment and interview works. I also learn how to talk to new people (networking) and contacts.”

SMF, Meghan Weightmans, Liverpool

“The people were so helpful and genuinely cared about our happiness within the firm. It really helped me to have an insight into potential sectors I may want to go into in the future.” 

SMF, Lubna Siemens, Manchester

“I enjoyed experiencing the working environment at Siemens as it was much more relaxed that I imagined. The entire week has been very beneficial and I wish to thank all the staff who made it possible.”

Unwritten Rules, Student Media Day Bradford

“The ability to write a professional CV. Also, I gained confidence while interacting with people I don’t usually speak to.”

SMF, Mary Byrom Street Chambers, Manchester

“I was able to shadow some of the best barristers in their respective fields and learn more about the kind of work a QC barrister would do that’s different from junior barristers.”

SMF, Misbah Grant Thornton, Manchester

“From start to finish the staff at Grant Thornton were extremely warm and welcoming. I was free to ask any questions or queries however silly they may be! Anyone that I talked to made me feel valuable and much more than just a summer intern. The fact that I had practical work for each sector of accountancy will make me stand out from other applicants.”