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Improving Social Mobility

From class ceilings, to glass ceilings, thousands of talented young people in the UK are missing out.  We work with partners to increase the representation of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the private, public and third sectors.  Contact our team to find out how you can help transform someone's life today.

Increasing Gender Equality

At every level, women and girls have access to fewer resources, opportunities and political power than men. This must change. We're working to challenge societal norms, break down barriers and address inequalities.  Our goal is to help find, fund and amplify the voices of women and their allies. 

Bridging Divides - Faith

If 84% of the population identifies with a faith, we think it makes sense to explore how religion can influence and impact global challenges. From peace-building to dialogue, our partnerships explore faith as a driver for sustainable change, a vehicle for women’s rights or as a means to counter intolerance. 

Our Impact

Social Mobility Foundation

Social Mobility Foundation

For over a decade the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) has supported young people from low-income backgrounds. In March 2016, we were pleased to announce SMF would be our first project partner.  You can follow their progress here


Council of Europe

"Closing down conversations closes minds, and this does not bode well for Europe’s future." Last year, the Foundation joined forces with the Council of Europe and Francesco Ragazzi of Leiden University on a project to empower teaching professionals to conduct difficult discussions effectively, openly and respectfully.  Together with academics and teachers, the project will seek to ensure that the best experiences and practices are shared across member countries. This is part of the Council of Europe’s wider drive to improve the quality of Europe’s democratic education. Further details on the project and the Council of Europe are available here.

Modern Places of Worship

Modern Places of Worship is an exploration of architecture, faith and identity in the UK.   Sacred spaces have historically reflected advances in art, architecture and cultural practices.  Our latest project seeks to better understand the future of places of worship in the UK and their place in the community.  Find out more details on our dedicated Modern Places of Worship page.

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As an independent charity, we depend on the support of our donors and partners. There are many ways you can support our work.  You can choose to make a donation to our programmes, or fundraise on our behalf.  If you'd like to discuss creating a tailored partnership with your business, please get in touch with a member of our team. BWF, creating change together. 

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