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The Unwritten Rules - a series of sector specific workshops designed to increase employability for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The two day workshops provide young people with practical and constructive advice from leading industry professionals, covering professional language, CV writing, mock interviews and familiarisation with recruitment styles and workplaces. 
Area: Social Mobility Age: 16+


Modern Places of Worship: an exploration of architecture, faith and identity in the UK.   Sacred spaces have historically reflected advances in art, architecture and cultural practices.  Our latest project seeks to better understand the future of places of worship in the UK and their place in the community.  Find out more details on our dedicated Modern Places of Worship page.

Area: Faith Age: 11+


Inspiring Women Changemakers: women who are working hard to make a positive difference to their workplaces or communities often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Our Award to Anj Handa's Inspiring Women Changemakers initiative, will help create a practical resource to help develop others - sharing social impact stories and exploring the skills and resources needed to become a Changemaker! Watch the videos here
Area: Gender Equality Age: 16+


Unsilencing Sabeen: "Fear is just a line in your head." Our grant enabled Sanam Hasan and Anabelle Marshall to produce 'Unsilencing Sabeen.'  Their documentary short takes a look at the life and work of Pakistani human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud, founder of The Second Floor - a space for open discussion, academic dialogue and artistic expression.  This film continues Sabeen's work and is a tribute to the many activists who like her risk their lives every day to defend the rights of others.  Too often, women either silence themselves or are silenced by others. When we join together, stand together, it is harder to silence individual voices.  

Area: Gender Equality Age: 16+


The Social Mobility Foundation: for over a decade, SMF has supported young people from low-income backgrounds. Our 2016 award is equipping a cohort of all female students from across the North of England with the skills, information and practical experience they need to access the UK's top universities and employers. Follow their progress here

Area: Social Mobility Age: 16+


Council of Europe: "Closing down conversations closes minds, and this does not bode well for Europe’s future." The Foundation is working with the Council of Europe and Francesco Ragazzi of Leiden University on a project to empower young people and teaching professionals to conduct difficult discussions effectively, openly and respectfully - sharing best practice across member countries. This is part of the Council of Europe’s wider drive to improve the quality of Europe’s democratic education. Further details are available here.

Area: Social Cohesion Age: 11+


Making Sense of the World: The Foundation is working with the Virgin Money Foundation and partners, to develop a one day conference for young people in Gloucestershire.  The event will bring together groups of students from different schools, different cultures and backgrounds to meet discuss and debate the issues which matter to them - from democracy and deconstructing ‘post-truth’ politics to meeting the threat of extremism and global conflicts. The programme seeks to develop diverse relationships as well as skills, such as increasing critical thinking, and demonstrating the strength young people have to build a movement for change. 
Area: Social Cohesion Age: 15+


Open Bethlehem: the Foundation has collaborated with Leila Sansour, director of documentary Open Bethlehem, to host a series of UK screenings. The face of Bethlehem is changing rapidly with potentially detrimental con sequences. Reports predict that if trends continue the Christian community of Bethlehem, a city that provides a model for a multi faith Middle East, may be unsustainable within one generation. The film draws from 700 hours of original footage and some rare archive material, and spans seven momentous years in the life of Bethlehem, revealing a city of astonishing beauty and political strife under occupation. The making of this film has led to the creation of the largest visual archive of Bethlehem in the world. 

Area: Faith Age: 16+


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As an independent charity, we depend on the support of our donors and partners. There are many ways you can support our work.  You can choose to make a donation to our programmes, or fundraise on our behalf.  If you'd like to discuss creating a tailored partnership with your business, please get in touch with a member of our team. BWF, creating change together. 

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