How do places of worship shape our communities? Do they still have a role to play? Just two of the questions to be discussed at our fourth Modern Places of Worship debate in Birmingham.  Join us to share your views at Birmingham City University on Friday 27 January 2017 at 5pm. Register for your free ticket at

Constructing Communities: the modern place of worship

A meeting place for communities, places of worship offer a space to pray, to find support or to even exercise. For many, they can also represent a ‘home from home.’  In recent years, places of worship are facing fresh challenges.  An environment of fear and suspicion is leading to their increased securitisation. Rising building costs are placing pressure on congregations, whose size and resources are decreasing. Finally, a strong emphasis has been placed on their role as facilitators of social integration, the frontline against extremism, or as providers of local services or welfare provision. In this debate, our panel and audience will consider these issues in more detail and explore:

– the role of a place of worship in modern Britain;

– how communities are shaped by places of worship;

– whether it is the role of places of worship to deliver public services?

Join us for this free debate.  The event will be chaired by Baroness Warsi and start with a series of provocations from a panel of speakers that bring a diverse range of experience and insights into the topic.  The event is open to anyone interested in exploring the future of places of worship and their place in our communities.

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